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AccuAudit offers access to and works regularly with Barbara A. Duncombe, Esq. to provide, if needed, the legal expertise often required by companies struggling with a variety of government contract regulatory or contractual issues. Ms. Duncombe has 25 years of experience in representing contractors at all levels – large and small contractors, privately held or publicly traded contractors, at the Federal, state, local or international levels.

Ms. Duncombe’s practice, from her Ohio and Washington, D.C. offices, encompasses government contract formation, performance, and administration, as well as payment and dispute resolution. She and her team have experience in bid protests, preparation of equitable adjustments or claims, as well as litigation before the Boards of Contract Appeals, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims and Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

Ms. Duncombe was formerly the Director of the George Washington University Law School Government Contracts CLE Program and she continues to lecture nationally and internationally on a variety of procurement topics. She also works extensively with contractors who find themselves under investigation by Federal or state offices of the Inspector General or with clients who are the target of Federal whistleblower suits.

AccuAudit and Ms. Duncombe’s team work together to provide full service support to contractors whose problems require not only legal counsel but AccuAudit’s in-depth knowledge of government accounting requirements or other regulatory compliance formats like Small Business regulations or GSA schedule requirements. Some of our joint projects involved:

  • Finalization of GSA Schedule representations and certifications to submit a successful application
  • Joint efforts on supporting contractors in preparing technical and cost proposals in response to Federal Requests for Proposals
  • Supporting contractors in proper preparation of incurred cost reports
  • Supporting contractors in recovery of final, close-out billings
  • Supporting contractors in demonstrating to government auditors that proper accounting practices were used and substantiating results

Together AccuAudit and the Government Contract Practice Group at Sebaly Shillito + Dyer, LPA, led by Ms. Duncombe, provide a formidable support team to any contractor experiencing problems with any aspect of government contracting.

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